Marlene M. Brouwer
Jungian Psychoanalyst, I.A.A.P.

B.A., M.T.S., D. Analytical Psychology

802, 1020 View St., Victoria, B.C. 
V8V4Y4 Canada       
Telephone:  778 679-5199

Current Workshops

Telling/Writing Your Life Stories Through a Guided Autobiography Group

WHAT is it?  

A method proven effective for helping people to remember events and experiences from their lives, organize, record them, and share them with others.  Guided autobiography offers:
  • a starting point with short structured assignments 
  • the opportunity to discover depth and meaning in life stories through exploration of a variety of life themes
  • the motivation and encouragement of an interested audience
  • ground rules for enhancing trust within the small groups. 

    "Writing about life experiences and sharing them with others is one of the best ways of giving new meaning to our present lives by understanding the past more fully."

    When and Where? 
    Call Marlene for time and dates. 
  •         Social Room at Regents Park, 1020 View Street, Victoria.  
                               Parking on View Street.

    How to Register? 
    Mail your name, phone, email, address and a  cheque for $200.00 to Marlene Brouwer, #802, 1020 View Street,  Victoria, BC, V8V 4Y4.
    Limited enrolment, so registrations accepted on first come, first served basis.    

    Inquiries?   telephone 778 679 5199

    The process of writing and sharing stories in a small group stimulates the recall of memories and gives participants an appreciation for the direction their lives have taken and for the courage and creativity they and others have shown in facing life's challenges.

    PLEASE NOTE: Telling your story may be therapeutic, BUT this is NOT a therapy group.



Jungian Dream Work

Interested in Dream Work?  

Dreams are unique gifts in relation to ou
r individual needs and life stories.  Dreams connect us with a source of wisdom way beyond our ego.  When one does not relate sufficiently with the inner world and the unconscious, one experiences a lack of energy and loss of meaning in life. To work consciously with your dreams can give you new energy and bring healing to body, mind and soul.  The pictures and drama in our dreams can help us become more whole because these symbols and scenarios are loaded with meaning and feelings. 

The unconscious is a huge energy system. Just what the unconscious is we don’t know, but we do know that the unconscious shows itself collectively in images, symbols, fairy tales, myths and dramas.  Likewise, the unconscious manifests individually, in dreams, behavior patterns, emotional reactions, body symptoms, and neuroses which disturb our relating and from which we suffer. 

Renewal of energy comes to us via dreams and active imagination when we open and pay attention to our dreams and inner life.  To remember, write down and share our dreams enriches our conscious life with energy because awareness of symbolic life and archetypal processes in dreams transforms unconscious energy to consciousness.  This process gives personal life more engagement, healing and meaning.  This process helps one become more balanced, authentic, creative and whole. 

You are invited to share your dreams, insights and reflections, learning with, and from each other about symbols and archetypal processes related to your individuation journeys. 

Participants will show mutual respect and keep confidential all personal information shared in the dream workshop. Each participant will bring copies of a dream(s) they want to work with. Each evening will begin with a short presentation regarding aspects of a Jungian psychological perspective.  This will be followed by dreamwork with two to four different dreams each evening. 

Maximum group size: 8 participants 

Questions?   Call me at 778 679-5199 for dates, time, and place.

Telling/Writing Your Life Stories Through A Guided Autobiography Group 
Jungian Dream Work 
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